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Making an Ultra-Wideband Antenna – Part 2

The Vivaldi Antenna My chosen antenna design is a version of the Vivaldi antenna. The Vivaldi was named by fellow Brit Peter Gibson. It is believed that the name came out of Gibson’s love of classical music, and in may

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Making an Ultra-wideband Antenna – Part 1

Having backed the new LimeSDR mini crowdsupply campaign, I am expecting delivery of a highly capable software radio with the ability to receive and transmit at frequencies up to 3.8GHz. This is brilliant and the small size means that it can always

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Wanhao Duplicator i3 PEI bed mod

PEI is the new wonder bed material for 3D printer. It has many advantages. Plastic sticks when hot and releases releases easily when cold. No need to apply messy sprays, glues and concoctions between prints. It leaves a nice smooth

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New blog

Hi, I’m just setting up this test blog to see what wordpress can do. I may use this site or derivative to post things about electronics or other stuff eventually. For now I’m just playing with the tools.

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